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Visiting Your Senior Relatives During The Holiday Season

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Have you heard it being said yet? The phrase “Christmas is just around the corner” tends to gain traction around October. Many people make plans for extravagant vacations or for hosting the perfect holiday dinner, but what many don’t plan for is spending the holiday season with their elderly relatives. Here at Schonberg Care, we believe in the numerous benefits of visiting your elders during the holiday season. Whether your senior relative is in an assisted living center, like a Schonberg Care Community, or lives independently, there are many ways your loved one can benefit from these visits.

Memory Care

Visiting your older relatives can be very beneficial for their long-term and short-term memory. Sitting down reminiscing on old memories, looking at photographs, watching home videos, and telling stories are all great ways to exercise your relatives’ long-term memory and provide a source of affirmation and hope that their legacy will be preserved. Passing on information about the family history is not only important to the senior but provides a bridge to younger generations of family members.


As seniors age, communication becomes increasingly challenging especially for those who suffer from Dementia and Alzheimer’s. When visitors give them their full attention and respond encouragingly, seniors feel heard and seen, which can boost their self-esteem and reduce the anxiety caused by communication breakdowns. Giving seniors this boost helps them to believe that they have a voice and can assert their needs even if they can no longer communicate in traditional forms.

Health Check-in

Visiting with your seniors during the holidays gives you the opportunity to check in on the overall health of your loved ones. Being able to observe how their abilities to care for themselves have changed since you last spoke gives you a chance to make changes to their care plan as needed. Being with them in person also gives you the ability to assess their general physical and mental state in order to help make the most informed decisions for their overall well-being.

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