Finding Your Inner Artist: Celebrating #NationalCraftingMonth For Seniors

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   Mr. Pat proudly showing off his latest masterpiece- it is so amazing to see our residents developing new skills and capabilities!

Mr. Pat proudly showing off his latest masterpiece- it is so amazing to see our residents developing new skills and capabilities!

When it comes to offering up the ideal senior living experience, channeling and engaging our residents’ creativity through providing them with ample opportunities to spark new passions and interests in their lives plays a very important role in our daily activities program. From painting or sculpting to gardening or DIY projects, our residents are always encouraged to try something new or reconnect with a beloved old hobby.

Some of our residents have even discovered a truly impressive talent as a result of these opportunities. At Schonberg Care community Beau Provence Memory Care Assisted Living in Mandeville, the acclaimed local artist Mr. David Knoll comes in regularly to give painting lessons to residents, and he quickly discovered that resident Mr. Pat, who has had no formal training in painting or ever practiced it before coming to the community, showed incredible skill and promise as an artist in his work. “Mr. Knoll approached us about Mr. Pat’s exceptional abilities and began working with him even more on a one-on-one basis,” said Beau Provence Executive Director Shelly Jarrell. “Ever since, Mr. Pat’s artwork is so impressive that people have even purchased his pieces for their homes. His work proudly graces the common areas of our community as well as his apartment, and Mr. Pat is having so much fun exploring his newfound passion for painting.”

The scientifically proven emotional, mental, and physical benefits of creative outlets for seniors are endless, and it is so important to continue finding ways to foster and enrich that creativity on a regular basis. In honor of March being National Crafting Month, we wanted to share some easy ways to tap into your creative/crafty side this month and celebrate along with us! You never know what new talent or interest you might discover!

1)   Instead of buying a card, make one. Maybe you don’t consider yourself to be a super “artsy” person, but starting off with something small like making a handmade card for that special person’s birthday, anniversary, or accomplishment helps you to harness your creativity and give your well wishes a meaningful, personalized touch.

2)   Check out Pinterest. Pinterest is the go-to online hotspot for all things creative and handmade, so if you want to get crafty but have no idea where to start, Pinterest can give you great ideas regarding projects to fit every interest, time allotment, and skill level. (Pinterest is also great for amazing and easy recipe ideas, too!)

3)   Join a class. Whether it’s a Sip and Swirl painting class, a flower arranging class, a wreath decorating class, a calligraphy course, or something else entirely, there are dozens of options to sign up for a local activity that engages your creative side and gives you the opportunity to get your craft on –  your friends and family can even sign up too and join in on the fun!

4)   Stop by a local craft fair. Not only will going and checking out some hardworking artisan’s handcrafted wares give you some ideas on how to engage your own craftiness, but buying something there will provide you with a new unique, authentic piece for your home while supporting your local artistic community.

Mr. Pat’s story is the perfect example of our capability to learn new skills and hone new passions at every age- so go out and find your own untapped potential this month!