We Are Family: Making Each Resident’s Family Feel Like Part of Our Community’s Family

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There are many things that we as people hold dear, but nothing more so than family, right? Family can be made by blood or by bond, but the people we make part of our innermost circle are counted as some of life’s most precious and enduring gifts. When a community welcomes a new resident to their family, it is very important that the relatives, friends, and loved ones that are important to them are treated and made to feel like part of that family, too.

At Schonberg Care communities, we believe that building a strong relationship with the individuals that are important to our residents is nearly as important as the bond we create with our residents themselves. In order for our residents to truly feel at home in their new home, their loved ones have to feel right at home there, as well!

COMMUNICATION is key when it comes to extending this sense of family to both our residents and their loved ones. Here are a few ways in which we open our hearts and homes to those special people that mean the most to our residents:

Monthly newsletters: The most key way to ensure that both our residents and their loved ones feel involved and included in our community life is helping them stay informed and connected through our monthly newsletter. Each newsletter identifies key information residents and their loved ones should be aware of heading into the next month, including the monthly calendar and details on upcoming celebrations/events that loved ones are encouraged to attend and participate in. We also include links to our social media pages in every newsletter so that family and friends can keep up with daily photos and updates and interact with the community.

Regular events: Outside of ensuring that our residents have an exceptional experience that allows them to stay constantly entertained and engaged, a robust Activities calendar planned and implemented by a full-time Activities Director is vital because it provides plenty of opportunities for our resident’s family and friends to take part in the fun and create new memories together that will last a lifetime. Beyond holding regular activities like Crawfish Boils, Jazz Brunches, & other fun events that family members are welcomed to attend, we also allow loved ones to take part in monthly birthday parties, outings, and other daily activities of their choosing.

Holiday Letter-Writing Campaigns: Sometimes, family members live too far away to have the opportunity to take part in daily life at the community. For those individuals, we like to give them every opportunity to connect and show their love and affection for their favorite residents, even when they can’t be there in person. To assist in this, our communities created a special Letter-Writing campaign in which we post links on our newsletter, community websites, and social media pages for family members and friends to write a note to their loved ones on holidays like Valentine’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, and Mother’s/Father’s Day that we will print out and hand-deliver to the resident it is meant for. “Family members really enjoy and appreciate this simple and easy way to put a huge smile on their loved ones face,” says Jay Tipton, Executive Director of Schonberg Care community The Suites at Sugar Mill in Houma, LA. “It makes the day of both our residents and their loved ones, and we’re so happy to play a role in creating that joy!”

Annual Resident Satisfaction Surveys: The best way to ensure that we are constantly innovating and improving in order to exceed the needs and expectations of both the residents we serve and their loved ones is by communicating with them directly about their community experience. Each year, we send out an annual resident satisfaction survey to both residents and their loved ones that gives them the opportunity to rate their experience and provide constructive criticism, compliments, or any other feedback they wish to share. We use those surveys as an important part of the basis and framework of our action plans and overall goals for the upcoming year.

Bottom line? When you’re at a Schonberg Community, we want you to feel like part of the family, whether you live here at the community or are visiting as an honored guest of a resident we serve. Nothing is more important to our residents than their loved ones, which means that nothing is more important to us, either. If you have any other suggestions for how we can make you feel even more connected to the community you and your loved one are part of, we would love to hear from you!