Did You Know Your Favorite Indulgence Is Also Good For Your Brain?

Malcolm Brent Uncategorized

Chocolate lovers, rejoice- just in time for World Chocolate Day, we’re here to tell you that a study done by Harvard Medical School proves that chocolate helps to keep your brain healthy!

The results of their study showed that people who drink two cups of hot cocoa a day had improved memory and blood flow to the brain. There is one tiny caveat, though- only chocolates that contain high levels of antioxidants are shown to be beneficial. Antioxidants are found in high levels in dark chocolate, and they combat wear and tear that oxidative stress causes in aging brains. So make sure to be choosy and go for a darker chocolate next time you’re in need of a fix, as those are the ones that are packed full of those fabulous antioxidants!

“We try to incorporate servings of dark chocolate into our resident’s diets as much as possible, and a great way to do that is to find unique and fun ways to celebrate the MANY national chocolate celebrations that take place throughout the year,” says Shannon Boudreaux, Executive Director at assisted living and memory care community The Suites At Sugar Mill Point. “Our residents love it because it’s delicious, and we love it because it’s brain-healthy and nutritious!”

In addition to providing important antioxidant benefits, cocoa consumption has also been found to boost thinking and memory performance, as well as increasing healthy blood flow to the brain. So, as if you needed any motivation, make sure you get your (dark) chocolate fix today on World Chocolate Day and every day! You know what they say- a chocolate a day keeps cognitive issues at bay! 😉 #WorldChocolateDay

SOURCE: Newsmax Health